is the virtual showroom of Distinctive African American Art, a gallery I owned in downtown Salt Lake City since 1999. Distinctive African American Art was the first and only African American gallery in Utah. We feature the works of Charles Bibbs, Rosalind McGary, Synthia Saint James, William Tolliver, John Holyfield, Thomas Blackshear, Frank Frazier, Albert Fennell and Dr. Raymond Lark.

Distinctive African American Art hosted a reception for three African countries during the 2002 Winter Games, during which we featured a two million dollar show of Dr. Raymond Lark's painting. We were pleased to have Charles Bibbs grace our Gallery a number of times over the years. Rosalind McGary and Synthia Saint James also visited several times. Frank Frazier was a big hit when he stopped by the gallery as well.

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Many pieces I offer for sale are no longer available elsewhere, such as first issue and retired Thomas Blackshear pieces and works by William Tolliver that are signed by the artist. Other rare pieces I have available include Charles Bibbs' original Lady in Blue and sold out limited edition The Singer, and With Deliberate Speed. I also have John Holyfield's Blessing II available, another limited edition that is difficult to find offered for sale.

Every piece I own has been selected for it's high quality and likelihood of price appreciation. I'm confident that I can help you select a piece that will provide many years of enjoyment.

Gordon Dew

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